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Eating healthy is hard.  We make it easier.

Today, we’re pleased to announce Massive Heatlh Experiment 01: The Eatery.  This iPhone application offers a simple, beautiful approach to eating better. It’s different. Instead of counting calories, cups, and carbs, The Eatery tracks and analyzes your overall eating patterns to give you a big-picture breakdown of your strengths, weaknesses, and the best places to make a change.

It’s not about calories.  It’s about you.

Unlike traditional diet apps, which only analyze your food,  The Eatery tells you about yourself.  You get the insights into your eating patterns that make it easier to build healthy habits.  You’ll learn if you’re doing better this week than the week before, with specific analysis about where and when you eat poorly or well. You might discover, for instance, that you choose less healthy foods if you eat a  late lunch. Or that you grab a cookie with your morning coffee a little too often. Once the Eatery reveals your trends they’re easier to change. Knowing is half the battle.

All it takes is three seconds before each meal: Snap your food, rate it, and get feedback

All you have to do with  The Eatery is snap pics of your food.  Between your own ratings, and crowd-source feedback (filtered through people like you), you’ll quickly find out if you’re on the right track.  And if you need guidance, the app helps you figure out what to do differently.  Sometimes, it’s as easy as looking at the last week of meals to see if they’re beige or full of color, following along Michael Pollan’s suggestion of “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” 

It’s easy to see how you’ve been doing over the last week.

You can let your friends view and comment on your food.

It’s easier to stick to your goals if you share them with friends. By connecting to Facebook, your friends can keep you honest and give feedback on your eating choices.  Like, comment, or share.  It’s easy to never eat alone, even when your friends are physically far.

Why We Made It

We were tired of using existing apps, which either make you squint and hunt to find food from a long, exhaustive list or let you take pictures of barcodes.  No one wants to waste time before eating trying to figure out exactly what’s on the plate.  It sounds good, but how can you be sure?  And if you’re not really sure, then what’s the point of pretending you know all the information down to the last gram?  Some applications focus on barcodes.  That would be great, if eating stuff with barcodes were a good way to start eating healthy and maintaining healthy habits.

Eating right is hard.  We make it easier. 

Lots of apps tell you what you ate.  Only The Eatery can tell you how you eat.

Check out out The Eatery download page or visit the press page.